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Monique Wittig's article "Lacunary Film" on the work of Jean-Luc Godard, first published in The New Statesman in 1966, was published in Libération, September 28, 2022 issue. PDF

Film Quarterly: Lacunary Films English PDF | Article

Émilie Notéris In Search of Wittig PDF

Liberation, January 2, 2023: The masculine no longer takes precedence English PDF | Article

Minuit: Twenty years since the death of Monique Wittig (1935 - 2003) English PDF | Article

Telerama: Monique Wittig: Twenty years after her death, a thought still very much alive English PDF | Article

Philosophie Magazine: Monique Wittig in Four Quotes English PDF | Article

Le Monde: Monique Wittig, feminist and lesbian icon English PDF | Article

TV5: 20 Years Later, light on the writer and lesbian icon Monique Wittig English PDF

France Culture: Why Read Monique Wittig, She Affirms Lesbians Are Not Woman? English PDF | Article

Madmoizelle: Why today's feminists must rediscover the radical work of Monique Wittig English PDF | Article

Les Inrockuptibles: “The Lesbian Body” by Monique Wittig finally comes out in paperback, 50 years after its publication! English PDF | Article

Literary Hub: The Annotated Nightstand: What Anna Moschovakis is Reading Now and Next English PDF | Article

L’Humanité, March 2 2023 PDF


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